Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream 18N (7 ml Each)

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  • 7ml, pack of eighteen
  • Softens chapped skin and lips
  • Cures minor burns
  • Cures minor cuts and wounds
  • Heals cracked foot
  • Heals shaving cuts and nicks
  • Active Herbals formula.
  • Effective moisturiser in winter.

Boroplus anti-septic cream comes in a pack of eighteen units, is not only an antiseptic cream, but also an effective moisturiser. Powered by active herbals formula, it heals cuts, burns, insect bites and minor sores. Also softens chapped skin and lips, cures minor burns, cures minor cuts and wounds, heals shaving cuts and nicks. Its natural oil extracts caters to your skin's needs and keeps it in perfect condition.

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