Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream,19 ml

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  • 19ml
  • Softens chapped skin and lips
  • Cures minor burns
  • Cures minor cuts and wounds
  • Heals cracked foot
  • Heals shaving cuts and nicks
  • Active Herbals formula.
  • Effective moisturiser in winter.
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Boroplus skin cream is powered by active herbals formula that heals cuts, burns, insect bites and minor sores. Some of its other useful traits are: softens chapped skin and lips, cures minor burns, cures minor cuts and wounds, heals shaving cuts and nicks. It forms a defensive protective layer over the skin, to treat skin problems especially during harsh weathers. With a unique blend of natural oil extracts, it tends to the skin's needs and provides the perfect care it deserves. It comes in a 19ml pack.

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