24 Mantra Organic Brown Chana,1 kg

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  • Source of protein
  • Organically cultivated
  • High fibre content
  • Highly nutritious
  • Full of taste

Channa is famous across the indian continent for its multiple uses and great taste. 24 mantra organic brings you organic brown channa that is highly nutritious and totally unadulterated. Channa is considered as a rich source of protein and fibre. 24 mantra organic brings to you the famous brown channa cultivated via organic methods. You can cook yummy channa masala with these brown channas. Brown channa is also a favourite when served boiled along with cocktails or mocktails. Soaked channa in water is considered as rich source of good health for all gym enthusiasts, because of its high protein content. It makes an excellent snack option and is easy to cook and digest. Try 24 mantra organic's channa as it is organically produced, pure and unadulterated. All products of 24 mantra organic are certified as per indian, us and european organic standards.

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