Tulsi Green Kismis, 500 g

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  • Premium quality green kismis
  • Sugary taste and juicy flavour
  • Ideal to be a part of baked dishes and desserts
  • Rich source of energy
  • Has a long shelf life

Offered by Tulsi, this pack of raisins or kismis is a very popular dry fruit with various health benefits. It is made by allowing grapes to dry out naturally or with the help of driers. Hygienically packed, it provides coolness to the body. Raisins have sugary taste and juicy flavour, which provides relief to the body from the fatigue. Available at a competitive price, this pack of raisins is helpful for anaemic person as it is a rich source of iron. Moreover, it can also be used in many snacks, baked dishes and desserts.

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