• Helps concentrate
  • Beautifies idols
  • Face Relaxing soft fragrance

How To Use:

  • Mix a tiny amount with a small quantity of water to form a paste. Apply on idols and/or forehead.

Prayers are an important time to connect peacefully with your higher power. Make this personal moment refreshing and beautiful with AasthaKesariChandan. A saffron-sandalwood mix, Patanjali has combined two traditionally venerated plant products that have been used for thousands of years as holy offering for the gods and which also act as a mark of blessing when dabbed on the devotee’s forehead. Prepared with high-quality herbal ingredients, PatanjaliAasthaKesariChandan’s subtle fragrance and cooling sensation help concentrate better when engaging in prayer or other meditative activities. Use regularly to calm the senses and focus better inwards.

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