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  • Overload: 120%
  • Short - Circuit: 300%
  • Charger Current: 12 A


  • The Microtek UPS EB 2000 VA is enabled with high performance technology and reliability.
  • Intellicharge pulse technology Charges battery faster, ensures upto 70% more battery life
  • Possesses micro-controller based Intelligent Control Design and display indicators for faults and status.
  • Dura Retain technology Longer backup for long power cuts
  • Constant and continuous regulated charging Saves electricity on charging
  • In-built resettable circuit breaker protection For total safety of appliances connected
  • Auto reset Switches off on overload. Resets automatically when load reduces
  • The UPS has CCCV technology with auto trickle mode.
  • Smart overload sense, short circuit protection, battery state monitoring, multi stage battery charger and mains input voltage range selection.
  • UPS is 84%+ efficient.

The Microtek UPS EB 2000 VA increases the life-cycle of electrical appliances. Developed using state-of-the-art technology, the UPS is enabled with a micro-controller that ensures up to 70% more battery life. Users enjoy long backups and extra protection for electronic devices from sudden power cuts. The Microtek UPS EB 2000 VA is easily serviceable and manageable, with its intelligent control design and indicators.

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