Aquadyne Inline Filter Kit Quickfit type with Vontron Membrane for RO Service of Kent ROs (Kent Grand, kent Superstar, Kent Grand, Kent Pride etc.)

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  • Original Vontron RO Membrane 75 GPD, Two Aquadyne Carbon Filter, One Sediment Filter, One RO Membrane Housing, All Replacement Filters for Branded & Non Branded RO's
  • Quick Fit Type Inline Filter Kit which customer can install himself without technicians help
  • Made from certified IS Grade Food Grade material, Fully Filled Carbon Filters, Premium quality Meltblown PP Spun in Sediment Cartridge
  • Suitable for Kent/Aquaguard & other RO Water Purifier Systems

This set of filters constitutes a complete filter kit for RO filter servicing and annual maintenance. The First filter i.e. Carbon Filter contains premium grade activated carbon activated upto high value of 1200 - 1400 IV(Iodine Value) imparting it high absorption capacity. Unlike the other branded and unbranded half filled carbon filters, Our carbon filters are fully filled with activated carbon. This filter absorbs chlorine. The second Filter i.e. Sediment Filter contains premium grade 8 inch Poly Propylene meltblown fabric Spun which absorbs micro-sediment particles from feed water. The third filter i.e. Vontron Reverse Osmosis Membrane 75 GPD filter contains reverse osmosis membrane made from very thin film coated (TFC) food grade Poly Amide sheet which acts a sieve & when water is passed from it on high pressure of RO Pump, it separates/filters the harmful chemicals, heavy elements from the water and distills it. This Kit also contains one RO Membrane Housing. The fourth filter in the Kit is again the Carbon Filter installed after RO Membrane filter, to give soothing & sweet taste to the pure drinking water. Six John Guest type or equivalent push fittings & Three thread connectors for RO Membrane Housing, One Flow Restrictor 300 ml or 450 ml is provided with this Filter Kit free of cost.

Aquadyne Water Filters
75.0 gallons
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Included Components:
2 Carbon Filter, 1 Sediment Cartridge, 1 Flow Restrictor; One Membrane Housing; One Vontron RO Membrane 75 GPD, 9 Push Fit elbows
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