Crompton CFMSMB4D0.75-V24 25 Ltr Horizontal Booster Pressure Pump

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  • Motor Power : 0.75 HP
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage : 230 V
  • Phase : Single Phase
  • Type of Product : Horizontal Booster Pressure Pump
  • Discharge Range: 15-70 LPM
  • Suct X Del (mm) : 25 x 25 mm
  • Type of Tank : Oval
  • Pressure (bar) : 1.5-4.5 Bar

Crompton Booster Pressure Pump Tank Capacity 25 Ltr CFMSMB4D0.75-V24(0.75 HP).Small industrial application when hifg pressure water is requirement for process.Water pressure boosting for Bungalows,villa &row houses, hotels, Ornamental fountains.They are designed for water supply pressure boosting in residential, commercial and light industrial applications where low or inadequate water pressure exists. It is suitable for boosting pressure from underground or surface water supplies.

Model No:
Power (HP):
0.75 HP
Type of Product:
Horizontal Booster Pressure Pump
230 V

Seller: Industrial Supply

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