Hexbug Ant (Color may vary)

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  • A nano – micro-robotic creature
  • Wheel-like mechanism that gives it amazing speed
  • Loaded with inner robotic intelligence
  • Front and rear touch sensors help in maneuvering path when there are obstacles
  • It can change directions when it bumps into objects
  • Easy to operate
  • Batteries: 2 LR44 batteries required. (included)
  • Recommended age: 3 years and above
  • A great way to teach your child about robotic intelligence.

Introduce your child to the world of robots with the Hexbug Ant. It is a toy robot in the shape of an ant. It behaves like a real bug and is fun to watch. It is fast and comes with sensors that help the toy to react as soon as it comes in contact with obstacles. It even changes directions when it bumps into things. This is an amazing toy robot that your child will surely adore.

A Toy with Robotic Intelligence

The ant toy from Hexbug Games is an autonomous and high-speed small robotic toy that has probing antennas as well as hooked claws. This Hexbug toy has front and rear touch sensors that allow the Hexbug Ant to maneuver around things obstructing its path. The wheel legs propel the toy forward and backward as well as over small objects with high speed. This bug toy from Hexbug has a transparent and hard exoskeleton casing.

Catch Me if You Can

This Hexbug toy may look like a big, colourful ant but it has an inner body that has robotic intelligence. It is very fast and zooms forward on six spinning wheel legs. If the sensor detects an obstacle, the toy redirects its path on its own. Let your ant toy run and race with other bug toys and create paths or mazes for it to travel.

Fun with Science

The Hexbug Games are easy to operate and have only a single power switch. The transparent casing of the Hexbug Ant reveals the high-speed gear drive so that you can see it in action. It is an amazing way to teach your child about robotic science. So, get ready for some action and thrill with the Hexbug Ant.

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